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Hello, I'm Dan.

I am a firefighter of 22 years, a father of 3, a former Insomniac and poor sleeper and now an adult sleep coach and consultant and founder of Sleep & Thrive Ltd


I have been married for 11 years to my partner of 21 years, Sarah a secondary school teacher, I live in Leigh on Sea, Essex close to the woods and beach!


My passions include trips and adventures with my family, fitness training, reading, lego, personal development, yoga, chocolate, connecting with people and board games.

Sleep Coach Dan and his family

My Story

I had terrible sleep habits, patterns and experiences most nights for over 15 years. Feeling many of the same things you may be feeling or have felt. I needed to change my life as I was unsatisfied with so many areas of it.

I was stuck. Something needed to change, I was the worst version of myself, and I was failing at every area of my life – going nowhere with no direction (like a car in neutral without a map!) I had negative thoughts and habits daily – I was constantly blaming and complaining, tired and making excuses. E.g., ‘Sorry about my behaviour, I'm just tired’ or ‘Sorry I upset you, I've been working nights’ or ‘it's not my fault I was so drunk’ – I was the problem......but, I was also the solution (& I needed one!)

4 years ago, I was looking to make a change with my life, my relationships, my character, who I’d become and how I felt each day. I had to figure out this puzzle - I began with my sleep in the hope I’d have more energy & motivation to thrive in life. This simple and subtle tweak shifted my whole universe! It affected every area of my life and turned me from being stuck to stand out, from existing to excited!

Like the keystone within an archway, my new sleep practices & routines affected almost every area of my life from diet, exercise, motivation, joy, emotions, memory, relationships, health, energy, wellbeing, confidence, direction, coordination, positivity, & more! This change was so much quicker than I had expected, within four weeks I could not go back, I was transformed - I knew this new path would lead to a place I wanted, needed, and dreamed of. I had lit a fuse within me and kept it burning every day on my journey to realise my true potential.

Within 6 months I gained promotion, lost 2 stone in weight, I had energy and motivation on a level I had never experienced before, I created and maintained several positive habits (that I continue today) including – meditation, reading, journalling and yoga. I was learning so much self-awareness - I had taken control of my life and the credit for my amazing results.

And now I want to help you have the same results.

cbti certified clinician
CSSC Certified
Essex Small Business Awards
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