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Are your Sleep problems standing in the way of your Life potential?

A male adult exhausted from no sleep, falling asleep on his laptop at work


  • Do you feel tired, emotional and stuck? 

  • Have you lived with an ‘unfixable’ sleep issue for longer than you can remember? 

  • Are you battling with the daily grind of life on a meagre diet of a few pretty poor hours of sleep? 

  • Feeling frustrated, unmotivated and unsatisfied? With low levels of energy & focus, with even lower moods?! 

  • Concerned about your health, quality of life & relationships? 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed and worried about not getting enough sleep?

You know this problem is getting in the way of you reaching your potential and becoming a better version of yourself – maybe it's time for a change.

If you can relate to any of that – I understand your situation (It was mine for almost two decades, you can read more about it here), I walked a similar path and was left with negative emotions, a history of bad choices and many years of playing ‘average’.

But the good news is that your future is yours to decide. Want to fulfill a dream? Reach a challenging goal? Improve your health, relationships and finances? Want to become a better version of yourself? Want to feel productive, confident, happy and whole again? This is all possible for you – no more buying a ticket for the sleep lottery!


How does the sleep programme help? You will:

  • Fall asleep quicker

  • Experience fewer awakenings throughout their night's sleep

  • Improve your sleep quality

  • Increase your sleep quantity

  • Lower symptoms of stress, anxiety & depression

  • Reduce daytime sleepiness & Insomnia symptoms

  • Ultimately, to get the restorative sleep you need and deserve so you can thrive at life.

What does the sleep programme include?

  • ​A complete sleep health assessment consultation

  • Sleep health questionnaire

  • Pre program assessments

  • 121 online sleep coaching

  • Bespoke programme using scientifically researched techniques (cbt-i)

  • 8-week program

  • 8 sessions (delivered over 9 hours 1 on 1)

  • Personalised sleep plan

  • Data analysis – weekly feedback

  • WhatsApp voice note support throughout

  • Accountability messages between sessions

  • Sleep booklet to support learning & implementation

  • Progress reports

  • Monitoring and assessments during the course

  • Practical exercises & home learning

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Sleep hygiene & habit adjustments

  • Sleep education

  • Behavioural changes & plan

  • Cognitive restructuring & management

  • Morning & evening routine review

  • Insomnia prevention & actionable plan

  • Data analysis & final assessments summary report


You need to ask yourself:

  • How much money are you willing to spend on pills and supplements to temporarily fix your sleep issue? (Spending money on short term quick fixes give you short term quick results)

  • What is the cost of doing nothing? Long term cost, financially, spiritually and time off work.

  • What is the cost to your relationships, cost to your health and happiness, cost to your productivity, career and hobbies?


With the right tools and support, you can finally tackle your sleep issues

and make lasting changes to improve your sleep quality.



If you want to find out more and why this programme can work for you, click here for a free chat.

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