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Happy client with improved sleep


"I want to say thank you for your patience and kindness throughout my ‘sleep journey’. I am so grateful for your support and guidance, and you’ll be pleased to know, I am continuing to use the tools I learned. I think the figures speak for themselves… but to put into words below -


As a shift worker, and as someone who has fibromyalgia, I’ve struggled for years with my sleep (or lack of to be more accurate). I was often sluggish, grumpy, and consistently drained, and as the years have continued, have struggled more and more with getting over the night shifts (tiredness and pain). My eating habits and weight control were all over the place too, and I was feeling unhappy. When you reached out about sleep coaching back in October 2021, I was at a crossroad with my personal and professional journey and struggling to make changes for myself. I am so pleased I took you up on your offer and so grateful you were open to coaching me.

Through sleep coaching, I have been able to recognise my behaviours with sleep and make positive changes. I’ve introduced new steps to my routines, that I can honestly say have made a world of difference to my health and wellbeing. I didn’t realise how much stress and anxiety I was holding on to, and how much it was affecting me, until we started to break down my quality of sleep. I could see how work and personal situations were affecting my sleep and that it wasn’t just ‘the way I was’. I think the biggest improvement (although a little thing) has been writing down my thoughts before I go to sleep – it’s like a therapeutic offload before I shut my eyes. It has really helped me to switch off, rather than lay awake for hours overthinking and ‘catastrophising’. 

I didn’t value my sleep before, but I know now, when I’m well rested, I feel more focused and controlled. Coaching has helped me see the value of a good night’s sleep and I don’t feel so cheated of an evening when I’m home late and don’t get my usual ‘down time’ (I’d stay up well into the early hours before and wonder why I couldn’t function the next day!). 

My aim going into this was to get back to a healthy routine and re-focus on my personal and professional goals. I can honestly say I’m making improvements and heading in the right direction. I’m feeling more enthusiastic about work, I got the promotion I’ve been aiming for, and I’m back at the gym regularly (I’m even going to the gym most mornings before work, which is something I could never prize my eyes open for before!)"


"I don’t want to think where I'd be without your service - I really am so grateful. I’ll use the skills and knowledge I've learnt for the rest of my life. I’m a guy that doesn’t normally reach out – I'm glad I did because it’s made a massive difference in my life. 

Well, where to start, I was on LTS for just under year due to illness and a lasting affect was extreme insomnia ... after just living with 2-3 hours sleep a night for what felt like an eternity a colleague forwarded my details to Dan. Even though I don't do well asking for help or taking about my life's issues, it has genuinely been the best decision I've made. 

I now have reduced stress and improved my mood daily. I think more clearly and get along better with people. Creating a better home life for my family, especially with my children, the resting now boosts my energy levels and cognitive thinking and memory. My life is just better all round.

Happy client with improved sleep

 This program gave me the confidence to manage sleep and life knowing that I could make changes and tick to them. It's made my family life so much better; I'm not stressed or short tempered. I'm a lot happier when I return home as I have good energy levels and no headaches. 

My personal life is now amazing... my day to day is so enjoyable due to sleeping a whopping 7-8 hours every night (I couldn't even sleep that much before I was ill!). Dan's course truly is amazing and absolutely fantastic, it has literally changed my life forever!!! Thanks again Dan. Myself, my partner and 3 children owe you so much ... we have a very happy family life now. Reaching out was hands down the best decision I've made in the last 10 years. Thanks again Dan!"


"It can seem daunting at first as you don’t know the coach or what to expect. But Dan was 100% professional, his calm nature, patience and way of breaking things down resonated well with me.


This coaching is about pushing yourself to explore areas of yourself that can be easy to not confront, but personal growth is often found in these areas, I felt at ease with Dan to push into these areas which are sometimes hard and uncomfortable to explore. 

Undertaking this coaching has benefitted me immensely, and I am pleased to say that over the course of the programme, my sleep has really improved. This has benefited both my work and personal life, allowing me to be more focused on my tasks and my family. I would thoroughly recommend this coaching to anyone else that is having issues.


Many thanks Dan!"

Happy client with improved sleep


Client with successful sleep transformation

"I had the pleasure of working with Dan on his sleep transformation programme and I am so glad I did! I could not be happier with the results - I now feel more resilient, motivated, and I'm no longer stuck in a rut.


Before I started the programme, I was a bit nervous, not sure if it would help. However, with Dan's coaching style, I was totally at ease. He was very patient, listened to what I said, and made the process fun and engaging, which made me eager to fully commit to the programme.  

After each session, I felt like I was in a much better place mentally to deal with the issue. Coaching was very effective for me personally, as it has greatly improved my mental wellbeing.

Thanks to Dan's expertise, I am now falling asleep faster and not awake for more than 15 minutes at a time. I would highly recommend Dan's sleep transformation programme."

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