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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a session?

We can reschedule at the next earliest opportunity – It is important to not miss sessions. This is so you can maintain momentum, grow confidence, discuss changes and get any support you may need.


How is the programme delivered?

1 live 1:1 session every 7-10 days, over an online platform that is preferred by client (What's App, video call, phone call, Zoom, Teams etc.). The sessions are 60 minutes long; however, sessions 1 & 8 are 90 minutes long. 


I'm on holiday/not available throughout the 8 weeks, is that ok?

You should have a clear 10 weeks (due to unforeseen events, weekends and working patterns) to complete the sessions.


What if I am not available at the same time each week?

We can find a session slot that suits us both – Flexibility is key to having planned weekly sessions.


What happens after I enrol?

You will complete a sleep diary for 14 nights (minimum 10 nights), complete a sleep health questionnaire, pre programme sleep assessments and book (via an online calender) sessions 1-4. All relevant documents must be shared prior to session 1.

How long is the programme?

8 sessions over 8 weeks. However, it usually takes 9-10 weeks due to availability and other planned events.

What happens at the end of the programme?

In the final session, I get some feedback on the programme, sessions and content. After the final session I request that you complete a testimonial (via email) to help support and grow the programme and request a final sleep assessment is completed. Following this I then complete a final sleep summary and share it with you to see the impact and changes made.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes! - You will fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, less awakenings, have better sleep quality & quantity.....but only if you are both committed and open to stepping out of your comfort zone – your sleep will change dramatically. Besides that, no formal guarantees are given.

Will I have to tell people what I am doing?

You don’t have to share with anybody, I have found the more people that know the better! Also, I do recommend having a conversation with a bed, room or house/flat partner about the programme before you start. This will help to get support and accountability from somebody else.

How do I pay?

Payments can be made by bank transfer or PAYPAL online. The cost is either a one-off fee or a number of installments over a set period of time, as agreed at time of enrollment.

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